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If you think good risk management is about taking the most risk- averse option, you are missing the point. Risk management is about achieving the right balance between risk and reward. To a large extent, the size of the business becomes irrelevant once you leave sole-trader status behind. At this stage, you start to rely on people and systems to manage your business. With that reliance comes risk.

But what is risk? Ask yourself the question:

What are the factors that could seriously inhibit our ability to achieve our business goals?

These then are your business risks.

The issue then revolves around determining what your appetite is for risk and how to manage down to that level - your risk culture.

Our risk management services can help you establish the right culture for your business to give you confidence in your people and systems to deal with the risks, should they arise.

It means that you can spend less time worrying and more time concentrating on the matters which are important to the future of your business - the achievement of your strategic objectives.

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